CMEI Tibetan Rudraksha Mala 5 mukhi Paanch mukhi 5 face for Meditation Yoga Genuine Natural 7mm 108+1 Beads Golden

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  • Mala length 15"; Tassel Length 1.5" Bead size 6-7mm; 108+1 beads total
  • The term “rudraksha” is a compound of “rudra” and “aksha.” Rudra is one particular form of Shiva, also known as the Roarer. “Aksha” means “tear drops”. The legend goes that once, Shiva, after many millennia of meditation, opened his eyes. Such was the bliss and ecstasy that pervaded his body, that a tear drop trickled from his eye and fell to the ground, to become a Rudraksha tree.
  • It is said that if one wears a Rudraksha mala for three to six months, it becomes one with his/her body. After one or two years of wear, it is like an extra organ that functions in a way that enhances one’s receptivity to grace.
  • As per traditional beliefs people prefer to remove the Rudraksha while bathing or swimming